Wednesday, September 20, 2006

You Learn Something Every GD Day

Meatopia II: Decklefest is a great name for a party, but I must admit I had no idea what a deckle was until I consulted the Great Google Databank of the Interweb. Of course, I got conflicting answers. It seems in most instances people use the term to refer to the fattier, tastier point of the brisket (we're talking beef for a change). But, this very official looking website disagrees. "Contrary to popular belief, the deckle is not the same thing as the brisket point. Rather, it's the fat and muscle that attach the brisket flat to the rib cage."

Whatever. I stand by my previously stated preference for pastrami on rye, but the pics from Decklefest sure make beef BBQ look tasty.

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