Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some Progress Is Made

Taste testing The Sauce is proving to be tough work. No pork, no slaw, no bread, no supporting cast of any kind? I need to taste some of my favorites from around town to get a better idea of the flavors I'm seeking. I think that might be a good Thursday Night Family Dinner project.

Using my simplified recipe, I cooked up a batch last night. Here's the debrief: too tomatoey, not smoky enough, too runny, good color, better spice blend, may need butter. Finding the right amount of tomato paste is causing a dilemma. It's included for both flavor and thickening (too much = too tomatoey, too little = too runny). Unfortunately, this particular version was too both. I'll try replacing some of the tomato sauce with tomato paste, but I may need to find a different thickener. Back to the lab!


RJA said...

S picks this week's dinner.

Mel said...

Toby, you would love Willingham's dry seasoning, yes the same Willimgham's in Brookhaven Circle that burned down. I rarely see it in grocery stores, but it has been spotted at Schnuck's at Quince and Ridgeway. It tastes a lot like Lea and Perrins, but with a twang and a kick. It is great in a bbq sauce with a bit of orange zest and juice. It is delicious on bbq baked tofu!
~ mmmm-mmmm-good