Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Road Tasted

My previous rant on so-called celebrity chefs was triggered by a relatively new show on food network. Road Tasted is a food/travel show hosted by Paula Deen's sons. She's a bit treacly, and I can't stand the Savannah accent. However, I've seen her show a few times and she really doesn't bother me too much. Her sons appear on that show often and seem entertaining in small doses. They went to Austin for some BBQ at The County Line so I thought I'd ride along. Remember I said in small doses? An entire show featuring these two yahoos was unwatchable.

This is what I learned from the Deen boys:

  1. BBQ sauce has onions, garlic powder and some other stuff in it. I don't know what the other stuff is because that's the closest they came to giving out a recipe.
  2. Get this. The secret to good BBQ is to smoke the meat for a long time at a low temperature. Amazing!
The episode had 2 more segments after Austin, but I couldn't stand any more. Also, I think The County Line belongs in the Tourist Trap column. I've never been to Austin, so how do I know? They ship BBQ around the country. I'm sensing a theme.

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RJA said...

Your sister-in-law is a big Paula Deen fan.