Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wet v. Dry

Apparently, writing about BBQ involves quite a bit of TV viewing. That's about all I seem to be doing. Write what you know, I guess. Anyway, I caught a recent airing of Taste of America in which the intrepid Mark DeCarlo travels to our fair city for some ribs.

The segment focused on the wet versus dry debate which I've never really understood. First, the question seems to be more important to visitors than to locals. Second, wet ribs are obviously better. Dry ribs aren't finished! It's like asking which is better – french fries with salt or french fries with salt and ketchup.

Of course, DeCarlo hit The Rendezvous, but surprisingly, he also went to Blues City Café. I've never had their ribs, but RJA says they're good. They really looked good on TV. Seeing footage from The Rendezvous, however, just reminded me how much I dislike their food. Those ribs looked nasty.

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