Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Boscos Squared

The food is bad. The service is worse. The beer is superb. That's enough for me to occasionally visit Boscos in Overton Square. Of the 10 times I've ordered something to eat other than the Germantown Purist, I've been presented with terribly bland meal (or worse). Usually, it arrives 2-3 hours after I ordered it, if at all.

Today for lunch with RC, I stuck with the usual. The Purist is a BBQ Chicken pizza. Actually, it's roast chicken with their supposedly "house-made" BBQ sauce. But, why quibble? It's pretty tasty and comes with red onions and smoked mozzarella. Some of the other pizzas are OK, but I wouldn't stray from that section of the menu if I were you. In fact, just stick to the beer.

For an alternate take from a completely different point of view, visit Dining with Monkeys.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

i was about to disagree wholeheartedly, but i see you saved me the trouble ;)