Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tonkatsu Sauce

So, I picked up a bottle of Bull-Dog Vegetable & Fruit sauce at the Asian market on Ridgeway near Winchester. Apparently, all Tonkatsu sauce is not created equal. This doesn't taste like what I was served with my kushikatsu in SF. It's good, but it reminds me less of BBQ and more of takoyaki. {Note: I just searched for takoyaki in order to find a link for this post and ran across this recipe calling for "bulldog sauce."} Of course, I grabbed the first thing that had Tonkatsu on the label, but I'm sure there were other options. Perhaps, I'll buy a different brand or use Bull-Dog in the next variant of The Sauce… or maybe just make some takoyaki. Anyone have 200 grams of chopped boiled octopus I could borrow?

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dwayne said...

i just ran out of octopus