Tuesday, October 31, 2006

BBQ Ravioli

As promised, I picked up some frozen BBQ ravioli from Lucchesi's last night. They seem to be quite popular as I got the last package – 2 dozen small for $6.99. E stopped at Tops for some beans, slaw and sauce to go with. The verdict? I was right. BBQ ravioli are genius, and Lucchesi's makes the best I've ever eaten. However, I think I can make some improvements.

Containing only BBQ, spice and sauce, the filling seemed a little too dense, and I think the addition of cabbage or some other barbecue-related vegetable would lighten the texture. Also, the flavor was a bit too strong. I'm sure that's intentional because the ravioli aren't meant to be served with sauce – just a little butter and cheese. I'd rather see less spice on the inside and a good BBQ sauce on the outside.

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