Thursday, March 08, 2007

Interweb Randomness

I'm working on the sauce tasting results. I promise. Don't blame me. It's the dyubeetus. In the meantime, here are few bits of food-related news:

Patrick Neely named Restaurateur of the Year. Congrats! Read the article. The Food Network needs a Memphis-style BBQ show. Hope that works out.

Two-faced pig. No, I'm not talking about Rachael Ray. Looks awfully photoshopped to me.

Waste of money? I think I'm ordering one.

Rachael Ray attacked. OK, now I am talking about Rachael Ray. Isaboo? Really? Isaboo?

1 comment:

Elizabeth Alley said...

I like to think my art degree equals having expertise in spotting fake photos - and that one is totally fake! So sayeth the expert.

Also, if i had a progressive stainless steel can colander, I'd probably eat more tuna.