Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BBQ Puffs

Where do I begin? I may have mentioned my love of takoyaki before. If you've never tried it, do. In Memphis, you can get it as an appetizer at Sekisui Pacific Rim on Poplar. If anyone knows of another option, please speak up, but the folks at Pacific Rim are big supporters of the Memphis Roller Derby so give them a try. They put a special Z-girl sushi roll on the menu in honor of my wife's team, the Legion of Zoom, who happen to have a bout this Saturday night. Get your tickets!

, I'm watching one of my 22 hours of daily TV and run across the best commercial I've seen in a long time – Pancake Puffs! Two thoughts immediately sprang to my mind: 1) I must get up now and order a Pancake Puff Pan, and 2) I wish I was the genius who thought of a way to market takoyaki pans to Americans. "Order today and get an additional Pancake Puff Pan at 25% off the regular price!" Don't mind if I do.

Wikipedia soon informed me that these are actually æbleskiver pans used for making Danish stuffed pancakes. Not much marketing genius there, but of course, I still want to buy a couple. However, I decided that ordering one actual takoyaki pan instead of two Pancake Puff Pans was probably more economical.

Soon, I will be making 15 takoyaki at a time. As a variation, I intend to replace the cubes of boiled octopus with some BBQ pork shoulder and cover the whole mess in The Sauce. Do you think the folks at Memphis in May will appreciate some BBQ Puffs? I suppose I should try to make some Pancake Puffs too. My doctor said those would be good for my diabetes.

The quality of the video on the Pancake Puff website is much better than this, but I love that this goofball picked up his video camera to record the commercial for YouTube: