Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Central BBQ

I read some kind words about Central BBQ on one of my favorite blogs today. (Fans of virtual travel should check out Jaunted.) However, I was a bit confused by some things. With all the delicious looking food at Central, why would you post that terribly unappetizing picture? Why would you order a turkey sandwich in the first place? And, why would you be frightened to order some BBQ in the land of southern hospitality.

All in all, I'm glad to know that someone visited our fair city and didn't write about eating at Corky's or the Rendezvous. For that alone, I'm willing to overlook the use of "Q."


Elizabeth Alley said...

Turkey sandwich with no slaw...yankees...tsk tsk tsk.

Melvis said...

Their chips rule, dipped in the hot bar-b-que sauce mixed with the mustard sauce and washed down with a freezing cold sip....chug....of Coors Light.