Wednesday, April 11, 2007

$100.00 BBQ

I can't say that I'm surprised these sandwiches aren't a big seller. While I appreciate both the excess and the experimentation, a BBQ pork, smoked foie gras and balsamic vinegar sammich doesn't sound particularly appetizing to me. However, I am 100% behind the choice of beer to wash it down.


Gledwood said...

I heard a story about a £1000 dollar pizza in New York City. It didn't contain gold dust; rather really rare types of proscuttio ham/kobe beef/types of stuff ... Fascinating blog you've got here btw ...

I found your blog with a hop and a jump via that random next blog button at the top. I do one too. You must come by and have a really entertaining time.

Gledwood Vol 2 is the one to go to. You're most welcome. I guarantee it will entertain your head off. Look forward to seeing you there. See ya!


Gledwood said...

PS Speaking of bbqs, what type would you say is best for the modern unfussed garden? I tend to go to the £1 shop and use those disposable ones. But I always feel it's a bit of an environmental waste of £££/resources ... know what I mean? They do beautiful table-top-type design ones with the table opening out into a kind of griddle. They're only £15 for quite a nice one, plus coals.

Advice, please!!


The Saucier said...

I'm not sure what's available across the pond, but Weber makes some good stuff. I use a Brinkmann Smoke 'n Grill. I'd recommend something like that. It's not too big or too expensive ($60=£30?). Using real wood in place of/in addition to charcoal certainly makes a difference.

RJA said...

This is like one big trans-Atlantic, pork hug.

dwayne said...

a pork hug with a miller high life